Two-Stroke Engine

2-STROKE: Cylinder and Head Modification
TBT Racing

Uses the latest in high performance engine modification software for port modeling and design. After pinpointing the optimum design for your engine, each head is precision milled on a CNC lathe for exact tolerances to match the cylinder modifications. This results in maximized combustion efficiency and higher peak power.
TBT Technicians clean, de-burr, reshape and texture the transfer ports for crisp throttle response and quick-revving power. Then they shape, smooth and polish the exhaust ports for the widest possible spread of power for race-winning performance.

The Factory Motor

For the most discerning customer and the most demanding racers, TBT Racing can build the “factory motor.” We have access to just about every exotic part, piece and coating that you will find in any powerhouse factory team’s garage. The full factory treatment doesn’t come cheap, but leaving the competition in the dust has never been so much fun.

EFI Tuning and Mapping With the advent of modern Electronic Fuel Injection in today’s four-stroke engines, EFI tuning and mapping is nearly as complicated as suspension. Leave it to the experts at TBT to fine-tune your engine output to optimize your speed. Massive horsepower won’t get you far unless it makes it to the ground in the most effective way. Gain every advantage you can get on the track with the EFI tuning and mapping expertise of TBT Racing. Custom Coating So many factory secrets lie in the advanced coatings used on their components. DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), Ti Nitrate and hard anodizing are among coatings that can help reduce friction and optimize performance. Call for more details.