Suspension Service and Tuning

A modern motocross bike comes stock with amazing suspension components. Unfortunately, most riders never get to experience the full capability of these advanced components.

Bikes come from the OEM set up for an elusive average rider… of average weight, average ability and riding average conditions. So if you are really average, you’re might be in luck. If you are anywhere outside the scope of “purely average,” then you’re not getting the most out of your bike’s suspension. Whether you’re riding desert, racing Supercross, hitting ramps or pounding motos, you have specific needs. And if you’ve never had your suspension professionally tuned, you probably don’t know how good it can be.

That’s where TBT Racing comes in.

We start by asking questions: Who are you? What kind of riding do you do? What’s your bike doing? Bottoming too easily? Back end dancing around in the whoops? Nervous or jittery in corners or braking bumps? Afraid to hit doubles and whoops? Having your suspension properly dialed in is the key to faster lap times, better control and your best performance.

Suspension Service

You’ve set your sag and dialed in your compression and rebound settings just right. You’re set for life, right? Wrong. Normal everyday off-road riding does ghastly things to suspension. The moving parts, friction, pressure and high temperatures inside your components create a harsh environment that requires maintenance. Even under normal circumstances (dry terrain, moderate bumps, average riding ability) your suspension needs service every 40 hours to remain working optimally. If you’re a serious racer, it’s even more often.
TBT suspension services includes complete disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. Replacement of all worn parts.


Fork Fluid




Shock Fluid



Parts and Oil

Suspension Rebuilding and Revalving

TBT Racing engine modifications improve low-end, top-end and just make the bike pull harder from idle to the rev limiter. We know more power is good, but creating rideable, reliable horsepower that you can make the most of is the key to faster lap times. That’s exactly what you’ll get from TBT Racing. At our facilities we use state-of-the-art computer software along with a Dynojet dyno to unlock extra horsepower that is hidden in your bike’s engine. Before any engine package is sold it is track tested to ensure superior performance gains.

Fork and Shock Re-valving

Whether it’s mud, ruts, slippery roots, Supercross triples, whoops, corners, braking bumps or big air in the dunes, TBT offers precision tuning for whatever demands you put on your bike. TBT Technicians start from the ground up by completely disassembling, cleaning and inspecting your suspension components. Then, according to your personal information, we will modify and re-valve the best suspension setup for you, sprung for your weight and designed to TBT Specifications for your specific needs. We will even set clickers and spring preload so all you have to do it bolt it on and start roosting!

All suspension re-valves come with full wrap TBT Racing fork decals, a spec sheet with clicker settings and maintenance schedule, and sag setting instructions.

Re-valving & Fork Re-valve


Shock Re-valve

Plus Oil & Parts

fork Re-valve

Plus Oil & Parts