TBT Racing’s mission is a simple one. We make the fast faster. On the track. In the desert. In the woods.

Simply put, no matter who you are or what kind of riding you do, TBT Racing can improve the handling and comfort of your machine, and improve your riding experience. We set the bar at all TBT locations to provide you the most advanced suspension and engine packages in the industry. We use only the highest quality parts, fluid, and machinery to give you 110 % !
A TBT Racing suspension will take your bike and make it sharp and precisely tuned to your riding style. It can turn doubles into speed bumps and slice and dice the trails like a ghinzu knife.

Our engine modifications can improve low end, top end or just make the bike pull harder from idle to the rev limiter. We know more power is good. But making rideable, reliable horsepower you can use day in and day out is even better, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from TBT Racing.

How do we do it? We listen!, we listen to you like the factory mechanics listen to their riders. After you take it for a ride, we follow up with you to make sure the engine and suspension tuning is performing precisely the way you want it.

So you drop off or ship in your suspension to the TBT Racing nearest you, Your TBT technician will e-mail all of your rider info to headquarters for valving and set-up information, All settings and Rider info are run through our 20 + year data base and a customized set-up build is made for you. Your weight, height, type of riding, personal preferences etc. 100% guaranteed.

TBT Racings R&D department has over 20 years of experience racing off-road, motocross, enduro, and super cross. All TBT Locations utilize the latest technologies developed by thousands of hours of testing at our R&D facility, (Washington, Arizona, Florida, and MX all over America and Brazil. Owner/Managers of Every TBT location ride and race!, with 6 shops world wide and over 20 years in the business. Rest assured that your suspension and engine settings will be the best in the Industry guaranteed.